Program Description Welcome, and thank you for your consideration of the SIBU.com Affiliate Program. Partnering with SIBU.com offers affiliates the opportunity to promote a top internet retailer and highly successful personal care brand. (Add more about the company and why we are a good affiliate partner to join up with). Program Benefits: — Earn 7% commission revenue on new and returning customer sales — Leverage best-in-class professionally designed creative — Promoting a well known brand with a history of quality and excellence — 30 day cookie duration — Accurate and timely commission payment Please see our Program Term for our detailed SEM policy. Please note, commission will not be given for any code, offer, or promotion that is not available and listed as active in this network. Advertiser reserves the right to reconcile or adjust the value on any transaction that is attributed to another marketing channel. Our team is available to help maximize the success of your promotions. We look forward to working with you! Sincerely, The Affiliate Team

With DollarDays International, you have the potential to earn a minimum of 5% on every sale, and we believe every affiliate brings something unique to the table. At DollarDays, we strive to care for our partners in the same way we do our customers. We value our affiliate relationships, and would like to make your campaigns more successful by giving you the resources you need to make this happen.

Welcome to the JuicedHybrid.com Affiliate Program:

The Hybrid Car Market is HOT and JuicedHybrid.com is the largest supplier of automotive accessories for Hybrid Cars and Trucks. We understand the Hybrid Car Community and offer a complete line of unique aftermarket accessories at competitive prices.

With gas prices hovering at $5.00 per gallon U.S. consumers are purchasing Hybrids faster than the manufacturers can build them. Owners are looking for ways to improve these vehicles and JuicedHybrid.com is a great source to satisfy this demanding market.

Our program allows you to receive and 8% commission on every sale.
Program Highlights:
EVMODE Electric Only Exclusive
This is one of our best sellers
Allows you to switch a Prius to Electric Only Mode and operate a Prius up to 34 MPH with increased efficiency. Increase fuel efficiency and Performance with this easily installed electric only mode chip upgrade. The EVMODE Chip activates the factory option that is not available for North American Hybrids. Toyota installs this programming in every Prius before it leaves the factory in Japan.
JuicedHybird.com offers awards on each sale:
$0 – $999 in monthly sales= 8% per sale
$1000 – $4,999 in monthly sales= 9% per sale
$5,000 in monthly sales= 10% per sale
-The highest payout in this segment

-Continual effort to create programs and offers for Affiliates

-Highest customer service level in the industry

-Same day shipment on most items

-Updated product feed available for affiliate use.

Brownells Affiliate Program

Welcome to the Brownells Affiliate Program at Avantlink.com

If you are looking to build a niche site, monetize your existing site or take your affiliate revenues to the next level, Avantlink and Brownells have partnered to take you there. Brownells is the worlds largest supplier of firearms accessories, gun parts & gunsmithing tools. Avantlink has developed a suite of dynamic tools that are unmatched in affiliate marketing. Together, Brownells and Avantlink can help you build traffic, increase conversion and make more money.

Program highlights:

Selection: Brownells offers more than 45,000 products from all of the top brands in the industry.
Service: With over 75 years of experience, Brownells is the name to trust with taking care of customers.
Satisfaction: Brownells offers an unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
5% Commission on every sale.
30 Day Cookie Duration
Video: Brownells product video campaigns are available with embedded tracking links.
Dynamic Tool Suite: “SEO Friendly” datafeeds, link builders, banner, coupons and more.
Program Manager: Dedicated Affiliate Management at Brownells and Avantlink to help optimize your site, answer questions and help you earn more money.
We are looking forward to partnering with you in AvantLink

Chrome Affiliate Program

Drive traffic from your site to chromeindustries.com and earn commissions! Feature links and banners that send customers to Chrome Industries (Chrome), and you’ll receive a commission on the resulting sales.

By hosting us, you’ll help Chrome reach a wider audience, while making an awesome impression on those who visit your site. Chrome has the internetÍs best selection of Chrome bags, shoes and clothing as well as expert advice for finding the right Chrome product for your needs.

Almost two decades ago the first Chrome bag was made with a Juki sewing machine, a few yards of military grade truck tarpaulin, and the commitment to make tough as hell gear. Chrome makes street-tested bags, footwear, and apparel that adapt to the changing and unpredictable nature of the city. We make simple, functional gear built with industrial-strength materials and features that work on the bike and in the bar. Made for living the city.

Chrome is part of the AvantLink Network. To get involved with our program, first become an AvantLink Affiliate, then apply to the Chrome program. Once approved you will have access to links and creative which will help drive traffic to ChromeIndustries.com and track your results.


As a Chrome affiliate, youÍll earn a commission on every purchase referred by your site. We take care of all the complicated details, including the transaction, customer service and access to graphics, logos and banners.

Joining is easy and free! Chrome affiliate program offers:

4%-8% commission on every sale
A 30-day cookie duration
Free Shipping and returns within the US
Best inventory of Chrome product
AOV > $100
Access to official banners, text links and our complete product data feed
A dedicated, responsive program representative available to answer questions and help you succeed
Additional Terms and Conditions:

Affiliates are not permitted to promote any coupons not provided by Chrome via AvantLink.

Chrome encourages affiliates to use Search Engine Marketing (both paid and natural) in their promotional campaigns. However, we restrict affiliates from bidding on the following keywords and their misspellings : Chrome, BLCKCHRM, Streets of Chrome, Chrome clearance, Chrome cheap, Chrome discount, Chrome coupon, Chrome sale, Chrome store, Chrome Hub and Chrome Hubs, Chrome Bag, chromeindustries.com.

Use of domain names containing Chrome or Chrome brand terms and their misspellings (including Chrome, Citizen, Barrage) violate the terms of the affiliate relationship.

Chrome offers a 65-day return policy. Returned and canceled orders impacting affiliate commissions are reconciled at the end of the month We reserve the right to withhold sales commissions to affiliates or remove affiliates from the program found to be in violation of any of Terms & Conditions.

We look forward to your partnership!

In business for over 20 years with two stores on the infamous landmark, Hollywood Blvd. We have quality products with value and speedy delivery. We consistently add new products. Our internet sales are over 1 million per year. Our products have been featured in magazines like Cookie and have been purchased by world known companies like Saks Fifth Avenue, Apple Computers and Universal Studios. Our conversion rate is between 2% and 8% for related keywords and for very targeted keywords between 3% and 8%. Our high performing keywords related to Hollwyood/Oscar Party: Oscar Statues CTR-19%, Conversion Rate-8% Oscar Decorations CTR-10%, Conversion Rate-4% Oscar Party CTR-9%, Conversion Rate-4% Hollywood Party CTR-2%, Conversion Rate-2% Hollywood Favors CTR-2%, Conversion Rate-2%

Founded in 2000, the BlenderBottle Company is a privately held manufacturer of premium and innovative products that help simplify everyday life. The companyÍs patented and best-selling products have been hailed by Good Morning America, ReaderÍs Digest, Self, the Today Show, MenÍs Fitness, and others, as some of the ñhottest new productsî on the market.

BlenderBottle¬ brand products are available worldwide, and in over 40,000 retail locations in the U.S. alone, including GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Vitamin World, Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Target, Rite Aid, Whole Foods, and online at blenderbottle.com. All BlenderBottle products are backed by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. For additional information, visit blenderbottle.com. Affiliate Program Benefits:

Earn 10% for every sale
30 day cookie
Exclusive “online-only” products
Promote new products before they’re available in retail stores
Industry-leading customer support with rapid response times
Product warranty and quality assurance
Product ships within 24 hours on regular business days
Worldwide brand recognition
Passionate and loyal customer base
PPC Policy: BlenderBottle does not allow trademark bidding on our brand name. BlenderBottle, Blender Bottle, Blender-Bottle and other variations or misspellings will be considered violations of these terms and you will be subject to immediate removal from our program.

Support: We request that you use the approved materials provided in our program for your marketing needs. However, we are available for custom banners, landing pages, and content within certain parameters. If you have any questions or suggestions please call or email.

LetÍs do business together.