Insurify has built a better way to shop for car insurance which also monetizes very well for its partners.

The high-converting website means publishers get paid. Insurify has traffic sources earning 5 and 6 figure revenue each month.

Operating in 50 states (US only, not international yet}, and facilitating shopping for over 100 auto insurance carriers all in one place, means publishers can send all types of traffic to earn commissions. We have excellent coverage options for the entire spectrum of users, from multi-car homeowners who need high liability limits to non-standard users who want bare minimum coverage. This means there is no need to filter traffic. As long as it is in the US, we can serve it, and we serve it well.

Program Features:

$100 starting commission, which escalates if you drive volume
Beautiful, highly optimized website with excellent user experience delivers great experience and great monetization
Ability to serve 50 states, for the full spectrum of auto insurance customers, with agent support 7 days a week

Note: Policies canceling within 90 days will not earn a commission. This is in place to reduce likelihood of fraudulent sales.