Theresa Farrell: Counting Calories with a Ballerina

In this post I’m going to show you a video about a ballerina.

Why on earth would I do that, you ask?

Because I get inspired when I see someone living their dream and I want to pass that on to you.

Counting Calories with a Ballerina

A few weeks ago, I was watching a fitness video on Youtube. I saw a recommended video called “Counting Calories with a Ballerina” with a thumbnail photo of a ballerina in mid dance.

And while the video does include some stuff about counting calories, and losing weight, it also showcases a lifestyle that to me is nearly perfect.

Video description from Munchies:

Behind the elegance of ballet dancer Theresa Farrell is an athlete to the core. In this episode of FUEL, we follow Theresa as she drops half a pound a week, working towards her performance goal weight for the upcoming ballet season with American Contemporary Ballet in Los Angeles, CA.

Theresa has honed her diet down to a science by keeping meticulous records, eating pre-packaged meals, and doing lots and lots of calculations – for her it’s a simple numbers game of calories in versus calories out. This precise calorie counting gives her the peace of mind to maintain her focus on training and long days of dancing, hiking, stretching, and icing. Whether she’s having a midnight bowl of cereal or a 5 A.M. corndog, Theresa has it all calculated, so when it’s time to take the stage, she knows that her body will be ready.

Ballet is not my thing, but it’s her thing… and she’s turned it into a lifestyle that lets her do exactly what she dreamed of doing for a living. And this, to me is one of the most inspiring things on earth.

Another thing I like about this video is that she seems to be a good example of a “healthy” person. I don’t mean healthy as “in shape”. I mean healthy as overall lifestyle.

The Day:

  • She wakes up with purpose.
  • Moves her body.
  • Eats a corndog for breakfast.
  • Trains ballet all day.
  • Hangs out with her friends.
  • Ends the day at home with her cat.
  • Glass of wine before bed.
  • Wake up and do the same thing again.

True Success

I must have watched this video a dozen times now. And every time I go back to it, I get reinspired.

Her success isn’t about money, or private jets or Louis Vuitton bags. Her success is bigger and more satisfying that all that.

She had an idea, then focused her entire life on it and now gets to live her dream every day of her life.

And that is about as successful as you can get.

Watch on Youtube: Counting Calories with a Ballerina

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