Case Study: Wadogo Builds Lead Gen Marketplace with HasOffers API, has 20% Month-Over-Month Growth

When click amounts exceed a capped rate, fraud goes unidentified and advertisers are unable to optimize offers, while ad networks squander valuable resources and relationships. For the global affiliate network, Wadogo, these common problems were accompanied by time lost accessing advertiser, offer, affiliate, and sub affiliate-level IDs to trace clicks.

The team at Wadogo was seeking a third-party tracking platform that could help grow revenue and manage third-party supply that wasn’t part of their core SDK and API business. In order to keep their business on track, Wadogo needed to quickly weigh third-party tracking platforms alongside the time and expense of using internal resources to develop similar capabilities. Their preferred solution would not only solve their tracking platform demands, but also provide an additional channel for app installs, and open greater access to direct and indirect advertising supply.

Download the case study to find out how, with the help of the HasOffers, Wadogo was able to:

  • Decrease campaign set-up time to 90 seconds
  • Achieve 20% revenue growth, month-over-month
  • Leverage a reliant, resourceful, and responsive API

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