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Founded in 2005, Whitedelivery, a subsidiary of Matomy Media Group, has consistently been on the cutting edge of digital and email marketing solutions. Combining the latest data-driven technology and dedicated service, Whitedelivery has developed a smarter platform that puts our client’s needs first.

To Advertisers & Data Partners, We offer best-in-class advertising solutions with access to 150 million opt-in consumers and delivering millions of emails per day. Gain access to quality users, valuable leads, and powerful engagement opportunities with Whitedelivery’s data-driven advertising platform. We will help you achieve your user acquisition goals.

To Publishers, Whitedelivery represents the highest standards of performance and ethics. We invite only the most productive, compliant, and professional publishing organizations to join our exclusive network. Our trusted partners gain access to Whitedelivery’s unrivaled resources including analytics, legal, compliance and strategic advisors, to help their performance to the next level.

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