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SKU Feeds provides Powered Product Marketing to eCommerce businesses of all sizes from a wide range of industries around the globe. SKU Feeds is an easy-to-use platform which allows an eCommerce business to submit their product catalogues and store information and have it sent to a great variety of trusted, partnered shopping channels and shopping directories. The aim of all this to help eCommerce businesses grow by increasing brand/product awareness, improving exposure and traffic and most importantly increasing sales.

The SKU Feeds Affiliate Program is proud to offer fantastic commissions and benefits available for all its members:

– Client Referral – A 25% Monthly Recurring Commission for every new client referred to SKU Feeds.

– Tier 2 Referrals – A “one time” 35% Commission Payment for every new client referred to SKU Feeds by your Sub-affiliates.

– VIP Affiliate – We offer a “VIP Affiliate” status, this will entitle you to a 35% Monthly Recurring Commission on every new client referred to SKU Feeds. In order to become a VIP Affiliate just generate £10,000($12,000) total payouts and we will automatically upgrade your account.

Some of the other benefits available as part of SKU Feeds Affiliate Program

– Recurring payments made every 30 days…
– £50 Minimum Payouts
– Full email and Live-chat support!
– Custom referral links and creatives included.
– 40 day cookies.
– Dedicated dashboard to track clicks, visits, referrals and payouts.
– Personal Affiliate Manager to handle all requests.
– Direct Linking.
– Regular competitions and prizes available for all Affiliates.
And much more…





Meet the Team

4 thoughts on “SKU Feeds
  1. Hello everyone,

    Just to introduce myself to this network and our Affiliate Program… I’m Tom the Affiliate Manager at SKU Feeds. SKU Feeds is a unique platform which provides Powered Product Marketing to eCommerce businesses of all sizes from a variety of industries around the globe.

    If you have experience in eCommerce or work within the industry with businesses this could be a fantastic opportunity to earn an extra income whilst helping eCommerce businesses grow!

    It would be great to get involved with you and hopefully invite you to our program, please leave any questions below and we will be happy to help – for further information please visit our Affiliate Program link above.

  2. Whilst SKU Feeds continues to grow and continues to attract attention from eCommerce businesses from all around the globe, the hunt is on to find and recruit some great new Affiliates to share our success!

    As an Affiliate of SKU Feeds you can receive fantastic monthly, recurring commissions of up to 35% for every new client referred to SKU Feeds, you can expect to receive fantastic support from our dedicated team along with some great free to use creatives to get your campaigns off the ground and flying!

    We are proud to work closely with all of our Affiliates and are more than happy to offer advice and conversion tactics and help with campaigns. Our team are on hand to help create custom content for your campaigns and much more.

    Find out more now – Follow the link above

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