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Welcome to the JuicedHybrid.com Affiliate Program:

The Hybrid Car Market is HOT and JuicedHybrid.com is the largest supplier of automotive accessories for Hybrid Cars and Trucks. We understand the Hybrid Car Community and offer a complete line of unique aftermarket accessories at competitive prices.

With gas prices hovering at $5.00 per gallon U.S. consumers are purchasing Hybrids faster than the manufacturers can build them. Owners are looking for ways to improve these vehicles and JuicedHybrid.com is a great source to satisfy this demanding market.

Our program allows you to receive and 8% commission on every sale.
Program Highlights:
EVMODE Electric Only Exclusive
This is one of our best sellers
Allows you to switch a Prius to Electric Only Mode and operate a Prius up to 34 MPH with increased efficiency. Increase fuel efficiency and Performance with this easily installed electric only mode chip upgrade. The EVMODE Chip activates the factory option that is not available for North American Hybrids. Toyota installs this programming in every Prius before it leaves the factory in Japan.
JuicedHybird.com offers awards on each sale:
$0 – $999 in monthly sales= 8% per sale
$1000 – $4,999 in monthly sales= 9% per sale
$5,000 in monthly sales= 10% per sale
-The highest payout in this segment

-Continual effort to create programs and offers for Affiliates

-Highest customer service level in the industry

-Same day shipment on most items

-Updated product feed available for affiliate use.

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