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Promote Personal Dating Assistants, and get 20% of the initial subscription sale, plus 10% of all recurring monthly revenue for the lifetime of the customer. Our average/median sale = $608 Commission you get = $121.60 Monthly recurring revenue for you = $60.80 per month Promote a great product, from a respected brand, with hundreds of satisfied customers, and hardly any refund requests or charge backs. Exponential income growth opportunity. Our lowest price offering is a 1-on-1 phone Consultation for just $30. We pay 100% for each Consultation sold, as a $30 flat fee directly into your pocket. The reason we give it all away, is because the Consultation gives us an opportunity to WOW them with our process. Our calls are so successful, that we upgrade over 50% of the guys who buy it to a full blown $380 monthly recurring membership which you’ll receive full 20/10% commission on. Our highest tier annual membership plan sells for $77,520.00! Imagine what life would be like with an extra $15,504 in your account? We’re in the relationship business. That means when it comes to our affiliates, we take the same approach as with our personal assistant day jobs. This ain’ some downloadable eBook. We work side by side with our members everyday, to make them more successful. So when it comes to our affiliates, you better believe we do the same. Anything you need, we can find a way to make happen. From walking you through our process, to supplying creative assets, and answering questions about your commissions. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

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