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Instapage is the most powerful landing page platform and we pay profitable, recurring commissions for referrals.

Instapage offers the most powerful and customizable landing page solution on the market. Landing pages are a critical tool, and we’re growing quickly as we become the preferred solution for marketers all over the world. Team up with us and profit from our rapid rise through our generous affiliate program.

We share 50% of the revenue on your referral’s first payment and 30% of the revenue on every payment thereafter – for the life of the customer. New commissions start at $19.50 and climb as high as $762 per referral. Monthly recurring commissions are $11.70, $20.70, and $44.70 per referral.

Still not convinced it’s worth your investment? We also have:

– A 120-day cookie duration with reliable tracking and active retargeting campaigns

– A proven track-record of having a strong CR, LTV, AOV and EPC

– A passionate, in-house affiliate manager who is also an incredibly successful affiliate marketer and understands what our partners need and how to help

– A growing list of tools and resources to help both new affiliate marketers and veteran affiliate marketers maximize their earnings through our program

It’s free to join our program. Let’s work together to help people improve their marketing and make money in the process.

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  1. Hi All, Sean here. I am the Affiliate Manager at Instapage. It’s great to join the Affiliate Awesome community. We have an awesome affiliate program and an awesome product so check both out. If there are any questions, let me know.

  2. Hi Everyone, I just want to announce the release of our new Collaboration Solution. This is the first and only integrated collaboration solution for landing page platforms. Our customers can now easily work with anyone, anywhere to create their landing pages. It’s a feature that further differentiates us from our competition and will allow our affiliate partners to have even more success marketing Instapage. Take a look and start marketing a solution that is rapidly gaining popularity: https://instapage.com/team-collaboration

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