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IAC Applications provides software products and applications that make life better across a variety of platforms for consumers and business users.

Ask Applications provides partnership opportunities to help you achieve your goals whether it’s B2B or B2C. At Ask Applications, our Marketing teams create and maintain high performance partnerships that generate measurable results. As leaders in the digital marketing space for more than a decade we’ve built a network of strategic alliances with hundreds of major publishers, super affiliates, email marketers and mobile publishers across the globe. We market products in more than 200 countries and in more than 10 languages.


B2C Affiliates benefit from:

Top Converting Offers: Top-rated browser applications.

Competitive Payouts: Our products consistently deliver high ROI for our partners.

Customized Account Management: Our dedicated team helps you optimize and scale your campaigns. We provide expert keyword list generation, ad creative, translations, localization opportunities and more.

Broad Reach: As a leader in affiliate marketing, we have developed one of the largest and most diverse networks across multiple verticals, geos and demos.

Established Advertiser Status: As an industry-leading advertiser we deliver reliable payments.


B2B Summary

Our desktop solutions include:

Browser Extensions: to provide easy access to popular sites, content, and key search and browser functionality.

Advertiser Offers: that promote brand name software providers to offer additional revenue.

Distribution Oppurtunities:to generate paid traffic through our offer platform and custom search solutions.

Our mobile products include:

Customizable UIs: for consistent experiences across devices.

Search Widgets: that allow users to search the web and the device’s installed apps, SMS messages, documents etc. all from their home screen.

Browsers: for searching with increased efficiency without sacrificing features like bookmarks, tabs and the ability to browse privately.

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