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tarted in May 2000, GourmetStation was the first merchant to bring gourmet dinner gifts to the web. This innovative company was the first to offer “create a dinner” options much like a white table cloth menu plus pre-set favorite menus. Patrons may browse menus including Parisian, Tuscan, Cajun, Fusion & Americana. Food gift configurations include 3 course and 4 course dinner gifts from $79.99 and occasion dinners gifts (birthday, anniversary, etc.) from $109.99. Gourmet entrees start at $69.99. Other popular offerings include soup gifts, gift certificates, and dinner of the month programs.

Terrific opportunity for Affiliates with gourmet food related content or blogs. You know the traffic you send to GourmetStation will be served well. Patron service is a top priority at GourmetStation as the founder is actively involved in the day to day business.

Commission payout – 10% per sale on product
Average conversion rate of 3%+
Performance incentives frequently available
Gourmet dinners, certificates & dinner club are hot gifting categories
Upscale GourmetStation brand supports emerging luxury market with $$ to spend
Strong gift for Valentines, Mother’s & Father’s Day, Thanksgiving & Christmas
Guaranteed (see guarantee on web site)
Free gift packaging
Cookie duration 60 days
We look forward to your partnership at GourmetStation!

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