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The GoPure Pod is the first-ever portable water purifier using a revolutionary advanced ceramic technology, which enables continuous filtering, re-mineralization and optimized pH balancing of drinking water. GoPure adsorbs harmful contaminants found in tap water such as lead, arsenic and fluoride, all while enhancing taste and preserving freshness.

The brilliance of GoPure Pods is its ease and multiple ways to use with no expensive carbon filter to keep changing. The wine-corked size Pod is designed to fit in any re-usable water bottle and remains effective for six months, purifying the equivalent of 264 gallons of tap water. One Pod will replace 88 cases of plastic water bottles, saving hundreds $$ and helping to eliminate the massive plastic pollution crisis impacting our environment.

GoPure Pods can be used in water pitchers, water coolers, coffee makers, humidifiers, pet water bowls and water storage containers on boats, RVs or for disaster preparation. The Pod’s magnetic ionization solution helps eliminates bacteria and biofilm, while protecting water from degrading so it remains safe over long periods of time.

The company’s mission began as an innovative, economical solution to help overcome the growing long-term health problem from widespread contaminated drinking water supplies in the US. Along the way we realized we could also help solve the growing problem created from plastic pollution by providing a solution to eliminate the need to buy plastic water bottles.

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