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4HFL.com has been creating HEALTH, FITNESS & LONGEVITY Solutions since 1992 – in the form of nutritional products, services, and information. From the company’s inception our main goal has been to combat and negate the negative effects of aging. In that endeavor we have made multiple innovative discoveries, establishing over a dozen patented and pending patent products. We have also created proprietary formulas in the Nutritional Supplementation, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical business. Now we need your help in getting the message of these products to those individuals who will benefit the most from it. 4HFL.com offers the following 8 products: Lean Optimizer – Lose weight, burn stubborn belly fat, and increase metabolism CholesLo – A proven and easy solution which dramatically lowers your cholesterol levels in 30 days ProVanax – Reduce anxiety, help stop depression, improve sleep, and enhance your mood AlphaViril – Naturally increase your sex drive and libido regardless of age and condition More Natural Energy – Quickly increase energy levels without caffeine or stimulants Blood Sugar Optimizer – Naturally optimize blood sugar levels and improve glucose metabolism CHEATmeals – Block the absorption of sugars, carbs, and fats Blood Flow Optimizer – Promotes strong, flexible blood vessels. PROGRAM BENEFITS: Earn up to 35% commission (Coupon Sites earn 15% commission) $90 average sale 6-8% conversion rate 30 Day Tracking Cookie Parasite Free

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