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SD Bullion – Affiliate Program

SD Bullion is a leading online gold, silver, survival and natural health e-commerce platform which just recently launched guns and ammunition sales. The full product line includes investment grade pure gold and silver coins and bars. Additionally, SD Bullion offers organic, GMO free survival food, Berkey water filtration systems, and a complete, GMO free vitamin line. With a focus on preparation, health, and survival, SDBullion.com is a perfect fit for alternative news, preparation, and natural medicine websites.


Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion- if order contains any product in this category, affiliate earns a flat rate of $20.00 for bullion plus any other product category commissions.
Guns- 10%
Survival Food and Water Filtration- 10%
Ammunition- 5%
Coin and Gun Accessories- 10%
Doc’s Medicine Cabinet (multivitamin line, natural herbal products, etc)- 5%
Copper- 1%

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