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New on CJ Affiliate! CJ Tickets is a live event ticketing solution for CJ Publishers to sell competitively priced commissionable tickets through their own websites.

Features include the following:

  1. Recurring Commissions- earn commission of 6% on every order, from every customer (If a Publisher is expired, they should not expect commissions).
  2. Increased Conversions- our technology ensures clients never leave your site.
  3. Opportunity to build your list- we are a true B2B solution. Once you find your customer, you keep your customer.
  4. Tickets to the Hottest (and most exclusive) events around the world.
  5. Easy to use ticketing technology- shoppers easily find exactly what they’re looking for.

CJ Tickets is bringing event tickets to where people are already shopping and interacting- within the CJ Publishers network. Our integration options allows CJ Publishers to customize an online ticketing technology into their own websites, helping leverage their existing consumer base to sell live event tickets and earn more commissions.

Enjoy appealing to a wider range of shoppers by tapping into sports, concerts, theatre, and special event tickets around the world.

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