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Bitcoin IRA offers an easy, full service solution to secure purchasing of Bitcoin and other digital currencies from your retirement account. Since Bitcoin’s exponential rise in value, this program is more popular than ever for those with retirement accounts and we want you to take part in this.

Join our affiliate program and refer new clients to us to earn major money back. There’s no limit to how much you can earn back with our program.

Here’s how our no-limit affiliate program works:

  • Refer your friends, family, and readers to us through a referral link (we will provide)
  • You can refer your readers through ads (we will provide) that direct to our referral link
  • Once a referral turns into a lead, your name will be attributed to any future investment from this lead
  • After purchase is finalized, you will receive a percent of their total amount invested in USD
  • There are no limits to commission pay-outs

*Approval is needed to join our program. Commission rates will vary based on your audience reach and your volume.




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