Hello. I'm Darrin, the founder of Affiliate Awesome. I'm glad you stopped by.

I have over 8 years in the performance marketing space, working in the trenches as an affiliate manager and consultant, mostly at the agency level. My favorite part of it all has been getting to know a lot of super awesome people.

When I go to an event like Affiliate Summit the energy and enthusiasm of everyone in one place is inspiring. So, my simple goal with this project is to bring some of that same dynamic to an online community, where people can easily connect, build relationships, do business, and maybe have some fun.

One of the more challenging aspects of affiliate marketing is the fragmented nature of the industry, with affiliates and publishers scattered across the landscape, and merchants and offers mostly hidden away in network silos. It can be difficult and time consuming to connect all the dots.

Affiliate Awesome is intended to do two main jobs:

    1) Help publishers discover awesome offers.
    2) Be the place for Performance Marketing professionals to connect.
    All in one place, built with technology that is a pleasure to use.

I am a solo founder and I have poured my heart and soul and sweat into this project. I sincerely hope that you give it a chance, give me honest feedback, and hopefully find some value here. This is just the beginning of the journey and I have a lot of cool things planned. I promise to bring my passion.

Last thing! This isn’t going to work without you. So if you have read this far, please join us and let’s see if we can build something awesome - together.