December 2017

AffiliRed is the first Travel Performance Marketing Agency. Currently managing over 200 Travel Programs, we provide publishers with the best promotional tools to help them convert their traffic into sales. We are integrated with leading Affiliate Networks such as ShareASale, AffiliateWindow, TradeTracker or Glopss among others.

Affiliate Reporting, Simplified. QuickDraw aggregates affiliate network reporting into a single, easy-to-use interface. It’s designed specifically for affiliate marketing managers to save time spent compiling reports, and our users gain deep insight into their affiliate program in a matter of seconds vs hours.

Keono is a digital media advertising agency specializing in delivering new customers to the world’s best-known and respected brands. Through digital and traditional marketing channels, strategic vision, innovative digital services and digital strategy, Keono produces industry-leading customer acquisition campaigns. The key to the company’s success is its reputably sourced, hygiened and responsive data. Keono’s database is specific, precise and pinpoint accurate, containing subscribers based on 125 demographic and behavioral data points for targeting. A well-respected and socially conscious company, Keono features an outstanding reputation within the industry.