February 2017 is the leader in hip hop jewelry. We specialize in bling bling jewelry that look like what famous rappers and celebrities wear. Over 4000 different products are offered including chains, micro pave earrings, watches, bracelets, grillz and more. Our jewelry is for those who want to style like rappers and for the film industry. We are seeking webmasters to promote to USA based customers. Offering 12% commission for valid sales.
Commission Tier (Valid through the end of February 2015)
$0-$999 = 12% commission
$1000-$4,999 = 16% commission
$5,000 = 20% commission has been creating HEALTH, FITNESS & LONGEVITY Solutions since 1992 – in the form of nutritional products, services, and information. From the company’s inception our main goal has been to combat and negate the negative effects of aging. In that endeavor we have made multiple innovative discoveries, establishing over a dozen patented and pending patent products. We have also created proprietary formulas in the Nutritional Supplementation, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical business. Now we need your help in getting the message of these products to those individuals who will benefit the most from it. offers the following 8 products: Lean Optimizer – Lose weight, burn stubborn belly fat, and increase metabolism CholesLo – A proven and easy solution which dramatically lowers your cholesterol levels in 30 days ProVanax – Reduce anxiety, help stop depression, improve sleep, and enhance your mood AlphaViril – Naturally increase your sex drive and libido regardless of age and condition More Natural Energy – Quickly increase energy levels without caffeine or stimulants Blood Sugar Optimizer – Naturally optimize blood sugar levels and improve glucose metabolism CHEATmeals – Block the absorption of sugars, carbs, and fats Blood Flow Optimizer – Promotes strong, flexible blood vessels. PROGRAM BENEFITS: Earn up to 35% commission (Coupon Sites earn 15% commission) $90 average sale 6-8% conversion rate 30 Day Tracking Cookie Parasite Free

Quest4Toner offers a reward of 15% to you from any sale you help create! We offer Brand New OEM or Compatible ink and toner printer cartridges to customers at a substantial savings….usually 20% to 50% less than Big Box Stores like Staples. We have – over 20 years experience manufacturing, importing and wholesaling printer ink and toner cartridges in Canada. Now selling direct to you through We are consistently top ranked for both Service and Price.

With DollarDays International, you have the potential to earn a minimum of 5% on every sale, and we believe every affiliate brings something unique to the table. At DollarDays, we strive to care for our partners in the same way we do our customers. We value our affiliate relationships, and would like to make your campaigns more successful by giving you the resources you need to make this happen.

Qualtry offers an array of personalized gifts from wooden cutting boards to aprons to phone cases. At Qualtry we are passionate about creating items you love! Every item from Qualtry is uniquely personalized. Most of our items are made-to-order, letting the customer choose what names, quotes, or any other special phrase that will make the items unique for the customer! We are located in Utah, and surround ourselves with creative people all day long. Each and every one of us at Qualtry love to create, and are anxious to create something special for all! Join today and you can earn 12% commission! Qualtry offers a 30 day referral period. To help you earn even more, we regularly offer coupons, promotions and other offers to increase your conversions and commission checks. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected]

SD Bullion – Affiliate Program

SD Bullion is a leading online gold, silver, survival and natural health e-commerce platform which just recently launched guns and ammunition sales. The full product line includes investment grade pure gold and silver coins and bars. Additionally, SD Bullion offers organic, GMO free survival food, Berkey water filtration systems, and a complete, GMO free vitamin line. With a focus on preparation, health, and survival, is a perfect fit for alternative news, preparation, and natural medicine websites.


Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion- if order contains any product in this category, affiliate earns a flat rate of $20.00 for bullion plus any other product category commissions.
Guns- 10%
Survival Food and Water Filtration- 10%
Ammunition- 5%
Coin and Gun Accessories- 10%
Doc’s Medicine Cabinet (multivitamin line, natural herbal products, etc)- 5%
Copper- 1%

Affiliate Manager: Alex May | [email protected] | 6466884885 ext 405
The Company

Puzzle Masteris a Canadian distributor of a large assortment of wire, metal and plastic puzzles, brain teasers, jigsaws, puzzle rings, trick locks, boomerangs, chess sets, etc. The company started because of an interest the owner, Allan Stein, had in collecting wire puzzles. Allan collected these puzzles for a few years before he thought of making them himself. Once he found out that he was able to make the puzzles successfully he thought “Why don’t I try to sell some of the puzzles at craft shows and see if there are people who like them as much as I do”. At the craft shows he found that not only did the people like the puzzles, they loved them. These craft shows were the first way that Puzzle Master marketed these puzzles.
Program Highlights

Earn up to 13% commission per sale
Cookie Duration: 180 days
Attractive Banners and Text links available
Data feeds auto update to enhance your performance
Coupons & deals available on regular intervals.

Exclusive coupon code Available
Unique metal puzzles from around the world
Worldwide Shipping Available
Get Payment every month with confidence
Free Shipping order above $99

Popular Product Collection
Mobile Banners Ads
Contact Information

We are proud of the service we provide to our customers and know you will be pleased with becoming an Affiliate. Should you have any questions or comments about our Affiliate Program or anything else, please feel free to contact me!

Alex May e: [email protected] ph: 6466884885 ext 405

At we take pride in offering discount golf clubs, shoes, apparel and more from all of golf’s must-have brands. All of our inventory is brand-new and authentic, and quality is 100% guaranteed and with our wide selection you’re sure to find all of your golfing gear here.

At Hurricane Golf we carry only new and authentic golf brands, such as Callaway, Nike, Adidas, TaylorMade and Cleveland to name just a few. Most of these brands are acquired directly from the manufacturer or through pro shops overstocks.

Program Benefits

30 day return visit cookie
Average Order Size: $115
Dedicated, in-house affiliate team
Banner and text creative, refreshed monthly

Please note that this is a Naked LinkCampaign. If you need more robust tracking (access to our product feed, SEM, etc) please ask to join our Private Standard Linking Campaign.

Join us today!

LOCK LACES is the elastic shoelace and fastening system that you truly have to try to believe! With your very first step, you will feel the difference with LOCK LACES– the only patented performance lacing system trusted by runners, triathletes, marathoners, walkers, and elite athletes. Unlike other products, wearing LOCK LACES sustains simple compression across the top of the foot increasing the amount of oxygen available to the muscles to help manage fatigue. LOCK LACES are perfectly designed to eliminate any tight spots, banding, and pressure points. The lightweight locking system and elastic laces are the perfect combination of strength, stretch and stability. LOCK LACES are fast, convenient and secure, so you can–Win.Never tie. is the fastest growing photo stock supplier on the Internet, adding hundreds of the most gifted photographers and artists every week who bring with them tens of thousands of the highest quality photographs and vector images found anywhere on any site. With the best inventory around at the lowest prices ever seen in the business, it’s no wonder is surpassing all expectations and quickly rising to the top of the photo stock industry.

One of the main ingredients for the recipe of’s success has been their inspired approach to customer service and the user experience as a whole. They know it takes more than lots of pretty pictures to earn their customer’s business and loyalty, which is why they’ve worked hard to offer the most generous and flexible subscription plans ever. offers their entire inventory at the lowest prices around, some as low as 14 cents each!

Welcome to the Affiliate Program:

The Hybrid Car Market is HOT and is the largest supplier of automotive accessories for Hybrid Cars and Trucks. We understand the Hybrid Car Community and offer a complete line of unique aftermarket accessories at competitive prices.

With gas prices hovering at $5.00 per gallon U.S. consumers are purchasing Hybrids faster than the manufacturers can build them. Owners are looking for ways to improve these vehicles and is a great source to satisfy this demanding market.

Our program allows you to receive and 8% commission on every sale.
Program Highlights:
EVMODE Electric Only Exclusive
This is one of our best sellers
Allows you to switch a Prius to Electric Only Mode and operate a Prius up to 34 MPH with increased efficiency. Increase fuel efficiency and Performance with this easily installed electric only mode chip upgrade. The EVMODE Chip activates the factory option that is not available for North American Hybrids. Toyota installs this programming in every Prius before it leaves the factory in Japan. offers awards on each sale:
$0 – $999 in monthly sales= 8% per sale
$1000 – $4,999 in monthly sales= 9% per sale
$5,000 in monthly sales= 10% per sale
-The highest payout in this segment

-Continual effort to create programs and offers for Affiliates

-Highest customer service level in the industry

-Same day shipment on most items

-Updated product feed available for affiliate use.

Dealflicks sells movie tickets, popcorn, and soda for up to 60% off, 24/7 with no convenience fees. $40 billion dollars are spent every year on movie tickets, popcorn, and soda, but 88% of movie theater seats are empty. Dealflicks partners with theaters to fill these empty seats. Since launching in July 2012, Dealflicks has been featured in CNBC, The New York Times, TechCrunch, NBC, CBS, PandoDaily, Film Journal, and more. Our iPhone app was featured 14x by Apple, first as “New and Noteworthy”, second as “What’s Hot”, and again as “Apps for Movie Lovers”. Google also featured our new Android app at Google I/O 2013 and again for being among the first to integrate Android pay Dealflicks%u2019 affiliate program pays a $4 CPA for each transaction generated. Fandango is the #1 online movie ticketing company in the US and is the #2 largest. Dealflicks is now #3, and there is no #4. Fandango’s affiliate program pays $.10/ticket and’s affiliate program pays $.13/ticket. Dealflicks pays $4/transaction, with an average transaction size of 2 tickets, even though we only make an average of $1.50/transaction. So Dealflicks’ affiliate program pays ~20x Fandango’s and ~15x’s. Also, we lose money on every transaction, our thought being that we’re acquiring a customer who will hopefully become loyal long-term.

Know where the people and things you care most about are from anywhere in the world using all three location services, GPS, Cell ID & Google%u2019s Wi-Fi Touch for indoor locates, and Global 3G/2G GSM technology for connectivity around the world! EASY to use PocketFinder Personal Locator with SOS button and Vehicle Trackers are now available to US and Canada markets! PocketFinder trackers are perfect for Vehicles, Kids, Seniors and travelors. If it can be lost, stolen or wander off, PocketFinder can track it. Log in from the web or free full feature easy to use App. Service includes tracking history, unlimited push/text/email speed and zone notifications, and more for the lowest monthly rate in the industry – $12.95. PocketFinder is intuitive and so easy to use with no additional charges for features other companies sell as upgrades. Our customer base includes people wanting to track their vehicles (cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, watercraft), parents of teen drivers, fleet owners, parents of children, families with special needs children, seniors, senior centers, adults with Alzheimer%u2019s, Dementia and more.

DayOne Gear is a leader in Survival, Emergency, First Aid and Preparedness products at the lowest price possible. We provide Survival Kits, Emergency Gear, Long Term Food Storage, Solar Power Kits, Individual Survival Items, Preparedness and First Aid Products. We also offer special pricing for Government agencies, Schools, Fundraising and Non-Profit organizations. Our commissions are amongst the best in the industry and are always willing to work with our affiliates to help them succeed. was the first stock photography company to offer image subscriptions back in 1999 and has since grown their library to offer millions of quality photos, illustrations and vectors at the best prices on the planet. Their vast library continues to grow with thousands of new images added every week from some of the industries most talented artists and photographers. There is no substitute for knowing your customers and responding to inquires in an efficient manner and no one does this better than There’s always a friendly voice on the end of the line ready to assist you. They care about their customers and go the extra mile by offering them quality images at the best prices on the planet.

C.R.Gibson¨ is one of the most trusted brands in the Gift and Paper categories for over 140 years. Our ever-growing product lines span Photo Albums & Scrapbooks, Kitchen Essentials, Baby Memory Books & Gifts, our High Quality line of Markings¨ Journals & more! We partner with popular brands like Carter’s¨, Disney¨, Anna Griffin¨, Lolita¨ and more to provide unique gifts that everyone will love. We offer only the highest quality products at a price that customers love!

1 in 4 Babies have a C.R.Gibson Memory book.
We sell over 6 million journals every year.

Help us grow this established brand online and get 8% every time a visitor makes a non-returned purchase on our site. Track your earnings daily. Add value to your site with our unique, contemporary and classic line of products. It’s easy to join and set up.

We ship to all 50 states and internationally!

Promote Personal Dating Assistants, and get 20% of the initial subscription sale, plus 10% of all recurring monthly revenue for the lifetime of the customer. Our average/median sale = $608 Commission you get = $121.60 Monthly recurring revenue for you = $60.80 per month Promote a great product, from a respected brand, with hundreds of satisfied customers, and hardly any refund requests or charge backs. Exponential income growth opportunity. Our lowest price offering is a 1-on-1 phone Consultation for just $30. We pay 100% for each Consultation sold, as a $30 flat fee directly into your pocket. The reason we give it all away, is because the Consultation gives us an opportunity to WOW them with our process. Our calls are so successful, that we upgrade over 50% of the guys who buy it to a full blown $380 monthly recurring membership which you’ll receive full 20/10% commission on. Our highest tier annual membership plan sells for $77,520.00! Imagine what life would be like with an extra $15,504 in your account? We’re in the relationship business. That means when it comes to our affiliates, we take the same approach as with our personal assistant day jobs. This ain’ some downloadable eBook. We work side by side with our members everyday, to make them more successful. So when it comes to our affiliates, you better believe we do the same. Anything you need, we can find a way to make happen. From walking you through our process, to supplying creative assets, and answering questions about your commissions. Whatever you need, we’re here to help.

We’re hosting an Affiliate Program, and you’re cordially invited to join. Earn additional income by sharing American Health Care Academy courses with friends, co-workers and businesses. As a member of the American Health Care Academy Affiliate Program, you’ll earn commissions up to 15% on purchases we track to your site. We have teamed up with LinkConnector to provide our publishers with trusted third-party tracking, real-time reporting, and monthly commission checks. is the largest and most reliable People Search source: we help people find family members, friends, classmates, military buddies, old flames and most anyone else in the United States. We can help individuals find and connect with other people, and help them stay connected through popular social networks.

PeopleFinders also provides more than 40 years worth of historical records. We own more historical data than any other source on the Web, which allows us to provide our customers with all the information they need in one convenient location. People from all over the country rely on us when they want to find people, get Background Checks or Criminal Records, or find a variety of public records. Because our historical data goes back more than 40 years, we are able to help our customers find anyone, anywhere- even if they only have a name, an old phone number, a former address, an outdated email or most any other information.

Why join our Affiliate Program?

50% commission on all sales!
50% commission = $10 for a Membership
50% commission = $20 for a Background Check
We work with you to provide Creatives that are beneficial to your users
We provide dedicated Affiliate Management services is among the most trusted and often visited People Search Sites

About the Company is one of the largest Halloween costume retailers on the web. We have been selling costumes online since 2002 and are a trusted source for Halloween costumes and accessories. We are members of the BBB and our site is certified McAfee safe daily. If you want to make money selling a fun product, then our affiliate program is for you!

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

10% Commission on every sale
Frequently updated creatives
Ability to do custom creatives
We have thousands of costumes and accessories available for kids and adults
Product feed contains all of our products including new inventory and is updated daily
We have product for every occasion, not jsut Halloween, including: St. Patrick’s Day, Mardi Gra, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas!
We accepts affiliates worldwide, including international websites
Our cookies last for 60 days
We ship to more than 200 countries!
Our average orders are around $70.00
20% of our inventory is unique and exclusive to us
99.9 % shipping accuracy
Same day shipping is unable to work with affiliates within Nexus states

Search Policy

We encourage our affiliates to use our keywords in their search engine optimization and SEM, however, affiliates may not use our company name, domain name, or misspellings or variations of these. Please see our additional policies in the Program Term.

Effective as of 7/28/2015 coupon affiliates will receive 5% commission on all orders

Convert your essay traffic in cash with Paperhelp! We have been in this business since 2010 and are looking forward to working with our affiliates here, on Linkconnector. Our target audience is students from the US, the UK, and other English-speaking countries. Our services include writing essays, term papers, articles, dissertations, and coursework papers as well as delivering any other type of business and academic writing.

About Us We are among the best and most exhaustive online stores for historical and period clothing, accessories and collectibles. We keep our bases covered with an excellent range of medieval, Renaissance, steampunk, pirate, and Halloween merchandise. At C&C, we understand that customers often get short-changed in the rat race that is today%u2019s online market. Thus, we ensure that each one of the products across our different platforms is value for money. We don’t do compromise. Our items are fashioned by the some of the best craftsmen in the business and, quality aside, are historically accurate and detailed. About Our Affiliate Program We’re offering our LinkConnector Affiliates 8% commissions on sales driven to our website within a 45-day cookie window. Average order value is $185. Join our campaign today and begin collecting some great commissions!